Our Rooms

The Purring Cat Cattery was built in 2009, based on recommendations from a leading consultant in cattery and kennel design, David Key. The cattery has been designed and purpose built to the highest possible standard to provide modern and spacious accommodation to ensure feline comfort and safety.

We welcome inspections of the facility – just call us to book an appointment.

Each Room:

  • Fully insulated
  • 10 indoor/outdoor suites
  • 1 indoor only suite
  • Can comfortably accommodate two cats from the same household
  • Allow no contact between cats from different households
  • Have multi-level shelving providing important vertical space for your cats to express their natural behaviour
  • 24 hour access to individual covered outside run
  • Food and litter kept in separate areas
  • Overlooks garden
  • Are equipped with toys, scratching posts and climbing branches
  • Have a choice of bedding and sleeping areas available
  • Have sunny and UV shaded areas for relaxing (when the sun is out!)
  • Individually heated
  • Rooms thoroughly disinfected from top to bottom on departure
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